Alternative Investment Consultants

Risk Factors: Each hedge fund, partnership or investment vehicle ("fund") is unique and there are unique risks involved when investing in a particular fund, several common risks include you could loose all or a substantial amount of your investment; that there is no secondary market nor is one expected to develop for investments in the funds; there may be restrictions on transferring fund investments; your ability to liquidate or exit may be limited; the fund may be leverged; the funds's performance may be volatile; the funds' may have high fees and expenses that would reduce returns, and other specific risks as to the particular funds' investment, strategies, liquidity and management. Any attached information does not list and does not purport to list, all the unique risk factors associated with an investment in the fund(s) listed. This information is for use only by sophisticated investors, and is not and offer or solicitation. Past Performance is NO Guarantee of Indication of Future Results. Broker Dealer Services Provided By Pickwick Capital Partners, LLC Member FINRA SIPC .