Alternative Investment Consultants

Unlike traditional Third Party Marketers, LRC begins the marketing process with a detailed understanding of a managers' strategy and investment process and then uncovers only the most appropriate investor base for meetings and calls. This process is fully managed and implemented by LRC, becoming the external marketing arm, while working seamlessly with internal staff and PM's to fully vet current and future investors. Ideally, LRC will perform all initial and follow-up in person presentations and leave the door open for the PM or Managing Partner to close. Through a combination of years of investing experience and hundreds of manager presentations, LRC's principles have seen first hand where, when and why allocations are made. LRC is able to customize a client's presentation and target the most important areas of investor concerns; identifying significant impediments to an allocation before they are even raised as issues. This creates not just the initial interest in a meeting but shortens the time frame to the follow-up due diligence process, necessary for all final allocations.

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